To my Knappy Hair Kommunity: 

I’ve been in the hair business for almost a decade, and I have never positioned myself to be a middleman. I work directly with factories; this is how I facilitate and ensure quality for you. I don’t take a backseat to my customers’ needs, and I won’t take a backseat to the issues that affect my customers around the world. 

For now, there’s no escape from the pandemic. It has abruptly halted the hustle that has become so organic to our lives. I want to take a moment to extend prayers of recovery to everyone that is sick, as well as harness the profound power of community to encourage and strengthen all the medical professionals who are fighting a world war on our behalf. 

Last week, I shared the measures I have taken to ensure the safety of my customers and my staff. Today, I want to share a little more with our kommunity: 

During the month of April KnappyHair orders over $200 will be discounted by 19% with code KOMMUNITY. Even those who have the privilege to work from home, still have to present themselves for video meetings. With salons closed, I want to make sure each of you continues to show up confidently. 

A portion of Knappy Hair April sales will be donated to Bonnti’s Beauty Relief Fund.Bonnti is a community of hairstylists and makeup artists for women of color. As you know, the beauty industry has been seriously impacted by the pandemic and black beauty professionals have been left without wages. For my kommunity members that are capable, I encourage you to donate directly to the Beauty Relief Fund by visiting

Each of us is robust; collectively, we have a history of persevering. Persevere is precisely what we will do, and together is exactly how we will do it. 

Be well and be safe, KJ