About Us

Welcome to Knappy Hair

We don’t just sell hair.

We manufacture premium hair extensions for black women.
We are a brand that is invested in the empowerment of women by providing trusted, authentic, high-quality textured hair.
No more wasting time and money on hair that doesn’t match your own.
Get that longer, fuller look with hair that’s made to blend with yours.


Our Story

We saw a problem that needed a solution.
Black women were being forced to choose from hair that was not made to match their own.
 Peruvian, Brazilian and Malaysian does not describe our hair. Our hair is coarse, kinky, koily, and beautifully textured.
We needed high-quality hair extensions that were made to blend seamlessly with our own. So, we researched, studied, surveyed, and traveled across
the world to build a company and a brand that would manufacture the hair we needed and deserved.
Knappy Hair Extensions is the pinnacle and authority of textured hair extensions. We set a new standard in the beauty industry and created a solution
for women that were underserved.
Our hair is made to blend seamlessly with yours.
Our brand is trusted among women who have been looking for a high-quality beauty brand, that understands their hair.
Finally, you can achieve the blend you’ve always wanted!

A Note From KJ,
The Founder and Creator of Knappy Hair

Imagine being an 8 year old brown girl, casually walking up and down a local beauty supply store with your mother, while being followed around by a store attendant. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. It’s probably your story, too. Maybe you weren’t 8, maybe you were 16. Maybe you weren’t a kid at all; but a grown woman just trying to shop for your hair care needs.
That first story was mine. It was a small store, but jam packed full of hair, cosmetics, nail polish, you name it… I think we went there to buy some hair grease. We were walking around the store, and my mom noticed the store clerk was following us. We were so uncomfortable. It became difficult for us to even shop. 
At some point, my mom started to exchange words with the clerk about their lack of good customer service. Before I knew it, my mom was squeezing me by my hand (it really hurt) and yanking me out of the store! She was furious! She vowed to never go in that store again.
My mom was so upset, all she said was, "THIS HAS TO CHANGE! SOMEONE NEEDS TO CHANGE THIS."I looked up at her, and asked, "Who?" She replied, "I don't know but this has to change. YOU! You can change it!" She looked down at me and I felt her rush of emotion. But what was I going to do? I was just an eight-year-old girl.
Fast forward to my life as an adult consumer of beauty supplies. I’ve worn hair extensions since I was 13 years old. I’ve been in and out of beauty stores that mimicked that same disconnect and blatant disrespect for the customers that spend billions of dollars for their hair care needs. I eventually started shopping online. I quickly realized those brands have never been consumers of the products they sell. They couldn’t relate to my need for premium products that blended well, maintained my authentic texture, and were sustainable.
So, I did what I mom said. I changed it. I researched, traveled abroad, surveyed black women who were eager to invest in premium products... and through trial and error, sleepless nights, and hours and hours of business development, Knappy Hair Extensions was born.