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When choosing from our new Kurly/Koily Collection, please select a curl that matches your natural curl pattern.  When shopping our signature collection, we recommend selecting a texture that best matches your hair after it’s been blown out. All our extensions are made from 100% Human Hair. The difference lies in the “coarseness”.

See our guide below, to read how each texture varies.

Hair Type Guide:

Knatural Straight

Our straightest texture. This least coarse, high-sheen hair blends best with hair that is relaxed or natural type 3 or 4 hair that has been that has been pressed/flatiron to maximum straightness.

Not So Knappy

Slightly more textured and coarser hair than our Knatural Straight, hair. This medium-sheen hair blends best with type 3 or 4 natural hair that has been blow-dried and heat styled.

Knatural Coarse

Our medium-coarse, medium textured, low-luster hair. This blends best with blow-dried type 3 hair.

Kinky Coarse

Our most coarse, most textured, lowest luster, hair.  This blends best with blow-dried type 4 hair.

Kinky Coily

Our coarsest, kinkiest, very tight coily, hair. This blends best with type 4 kinks and curls. Kinky Coily hair is meant to be worn with natural hair in its kinky state.

Knatural Curly

Our ringlet curl inspired hair. This blends best with type 2 or 3 curls.  This hair is meant to be worn with natural hair in its curly state.

KnappyHair is 100% Human hair, that is in its natural color tone, but can be dyed to achieve your desired color results. Prior to coloring, we recommend doing a strand test per each set.



Before installing your hair, apply our weft sealer (included with your order) to the back of your clip-in wefts. Allow the sealer to dry for 2-3 minutes. This ensures the hair is sealed to the wefts.

To wash your Knappy Hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  Be careful not to manipulate the strands, too much, by using gentle strokes (from top to bottom) to cleanse the hair. Allow the conditioner to sit for up to 5 minutes, to restore moisture, then blow dry your Knappy Hair on low to medium heat.

Once dry, style however you’d like. Flat irons, pressing combs, and curling irons are safe to use on all our hair textures!

Please note:we’ve included two extra clips, with your order. If clips get lost or damaged, use standard black weave thread and needle to sew the new clip-back into the weft.


If you receive your order and are not 100% satisfied with the quality, return the item no questions asked! 

Contact us at info@krshairgroup.comwith your order number and the problem.  Returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase, and must be returned in unworn and in brand new condition. You pay return shipping.  Once we receive the item we'll look it over and refund your money promptly.