TextureMATCH Holiday Sale

This BlackFriday weekend you can save 30% off your first order when you purchase TextureMatch. Promo code is Match2020

Now you can know what matches your hair first and finally shop confidently. 

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You can make your purchase now and place an item on hold or you have 60 days from the time of delivery of your kit to place an order on our website or via email  for custom orders. 

Normally with a TextureMatch is purchased, the Kommunity member would receive $49.99 off the first purchase.

With the 30% off sale new members are receiving more than $49.99 off, and you get to KNOW what matches your beautiful hair allowing you to shop confidently! 

                                                      Happy Holidays 




30% off vs $49.99 

         12/14 U Part Wig  $329    $98.70  |   $49.99

         16" Clip ins           $249     $74.70  |   $49.99