My Story

This is how it all started!

When I was 8 my mom took me to a beauty supply store.  It was a small store but jam packed full of hair, cosmetics, nail polish you name it. I think we went there to buy some hair grease.

We'll we were walking around the store, and my mom noticed the store clerk was following her around...

It didn't make me or my mom feel comfortable at all,  In fact my mom started to exchange words with the clerk about their lack of customer service.  Before I knew it my mom was squeezing me by my hand and was yanking me out of the store!

She was furious... and vowed to never go in that store again

I've heard this story over and over again from friends, family and even my own customers, about their experiences with their local beauty supply store with the complete disconnect and disrespect from the people who operate the store and their loyal customer base. 

Anyway my mom was so upset all she said was, "THIS HAS TO CHANGE!  SOMEONE NEEDS TO CHANGE THIS."

I looked up at her, and asked, "Who?"

She replied, "I don't know but this has to change.  YOU... You can change it!"

She looked down at me and I felt her rush of emotion.  But what was I going to do?  Just a eight year old girl?

That day, that experience stuck with me.  And now I run KnappyHair Extensions.

With the idea that you deserve to be treated well.  I tell my team to focus on the best customer service possible.  We even answer our phones! ;-)

Monday thru Friday 9-4 Pacific Standard Time

That's it.  We love our customers.  And the reviews from people like you.  You can see that we care!