Hair Expert LakiaStar of Youtube Channel LakiaStar has some great tips on Clip In installation. Watch the video below to find out what she said.

Hair Expert LakiaStar has been sharing her hair secrets since 2010 on Youtube.  In this latest video she shows how to easily install Clip Ins and style for a flawless messy curl look.

LakiaStar has been doing KRS tutorials for over 3 years and it all started because she was frustrated with clip ins that were available for black women with textured hair.


You're never going to put them in the same:

LakiaStar is right on here.  You're never going to put the clip-ins in the exact same way.  But the more you put them in the more comfortable you'll get installing them.  Soon you may be able to install with your hand and no rat tail comb.

Plenty of hair:

You don't need two packs.  The glam and regular have the perfect amount of hair for a full head.

Take care of your extensions:

You want to take care of your extensions.  Using shampoo and conditioner helps to keep them in great shape so you can style them again and again.  This will make your extension last much much longer.

Beautiful Look:

LakiaStar truly pulled of an amazing jaw dropping look.  The hair held the curls for two days making easy to restyle.

What fans of Lakia like:

Over three years ago LakiaStar was sharing her secrets.  Frustrated fans kept asking, “How do I get straight hair without damaging it?”

Her frustrated fans would complain of too much heat, brittle, and breaking hair.  LakiaStar started making tutorials.  Using straight forward advice and helping women who were transitioning as well.

She has called KRS Clip-Ins; “My favorite clip-Ins… Since they match my hair soo soo well!”

It’s because there is no need to destroy your hair with too much heat.  Adding to the frustration of just trying to get ready in the morning.  Taking too much time.  And not having enough styles to fall back on that are quick,  easy, and protective.


You can join the journey:

Adding new versatile styles that are sophisticated, beautiful and chic doesn’t have to be hard.  You really just need to know where to begin.

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