Blending Your Hair With Clip Ins

5 Tips - Hair Extension Blending Secrets From Youtube Celebrity LakiaStar

KRS owner Kj and LakiaStar give you the best tips for blending your hair.  With hair extensions.


1- It's impossible to blend your hair with poor quality clip ins.  You are going to STRUGGLE if you are trying to blend with hair that just won't act right!

Find high quality 100% human hair extensions.


2- Use textured hair extensions that will blend perfectly with your hair.  So many girls try to match their hair to bone straight hair extensions.

When you do this you are applying too much heat.  This will make your hair brittle and break.  And you won't be able to grow your hair out.  


3- Installing clip ins never happens the same way twice.  Many girls take a long time to put them in, trying to match exactly the time before.  

Instead install, style, and go.   


4- Treat your extensions like your real hair.  Use shampoo, conditioner, and even heat tools the same as you do your own hair.  This will make styling and blending so easy!


5-  Use a small amount of edge control.  This will help you to keep your hair blending perfectly with hair around your face and really frame everything and pull the look together.


 Knappy Hair Extensions Founder Kj Say's "It's about time we got hair that matched ours"

Is there a woman who hasn't ever stressed about her hairs style and health?

"The whole idea behind Knappy was to create hair that matched my hairs texture," says Kj.

"I found a factory that made hair extensions and asked them to make them a specific way," she continued. "And the factory said nobody would want them, but it's what I wanted."

Once she installed them, even her own mother couldn't tell the difference.  She started getting orders from her mom, grandma, and friends.

"It wasn't like I was trying to start a business, but I did see a need."

Fast forward a few years and customers just like her friends from the early days are raving about the quality of the hair, and how well it blends with their own hair whether natural or relaxed.

You can have way more versatility in your styles, and ease of use without the big commitment of sew ins.

With top Youtube stars going wild over the results.  It's hard not to take notice of what Knappy Hair Extensions really mean.

It's about a movement, that you are beautiful.  You we're not here to change you, we're here to help you become the best you can be.

It's not hard to blend your hair.  Just take a look at LakiaStars video.


The clip ins Lakia Star used are the Not-So Knappy 20inch Glam Set

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