4 Things You Need To Know Before You Purchase Hair Extensions

4 Things You Need To Know Before You Purchase Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions for black women

I love the ease of clip-in hair extensions.  


Clip-ins let you change hairstyles in minutes.  You can clip it in for 5 minutes, and then clip it out in seconds.  You have access to your hair at all times.  Which is wild when you think about how long it takes to change a traditional weave.


But...not all clip-ins are created equal.  In fact, some of them just plain suck.  I’m not naming any names - this isn’t that kind of post.  But I do want to tell you about 4 things you need to know about clip-ins before you buy your next set.  This will help you avoid some of the common and extremely annoying issues when it comes to substandard clip-ins.


Why should you trust me?


Well, I’ve dedicated my life and business to making the best clip-ins for black women on the planet.  In fact, KRS Hair Group was the first company to make textured clip-in hair extensions for black women.


I still remember the look of confusion when I told our factory to start adding clip-ins to the weaves we were importing at the time.  The owner looked at me and said, “well, we can make them, but why would we?  No one will buy them!”  That was back in 2011.


We’ve come a long way since then.


My name is KJ.  I’m the owner of Knappy Hair Extensions.  And these are the 4 things you need to know before you buy your next set of clip-ins, wherever you buy them.

1. Avoid The Dreaded Shedding

Shedding sucks.  There is nothing worse than getting a brand new set of clip-ins and having all the hair fall out.  It’s annoying, and can even ruin your hairstyle for the day.


At Knappy, I do 2 things to make sure every set of clip-ins is going to boost your style (and not make you look like a tangled mess with shedding hair!).


  1. More hair in each clip-in: My factory makes each clip-in with an extra 20 grams of hair.  This is because some hair is going to fall out of the weft in the creation process, no matter what.  That extra 20 grams of hair from the beginning means that your clip ins have the perfect amount of hair to SLAY.


  1. 2x Quality Control process: The first is at the original factory.  I have close relationships with all our manufacturers, and they do a great job.  But I still ship every piece to my warehouse in Bakersfield, California and check it for perfection.  

    I check the texture. I make sure all the clips are working. I comb out any excess hair that has not been caught up in the weft. This means you never have to experience the dreaded shedding with Knappy.

2. Shoot For The Perfect Texture

Texture is everything.  For a long time, you couldn’t get clip-ins with texture for black women.  It was all silky straight, and if you wanted to use clip-ins you’d have to straighten the crap out of your hair.  


Knappy was the first company to offer textured clip-ins, and I’m obsessed with making sure our texture is dialed.  That’s also why I ship everything to our warehouse in California, instead of drop-shipping it from Asia like most companies in this industry.  


Truth is...nobody understands black women’s hair like black women. Especially when it comes to the right texture.

3. Don’t Skimp Out On Weight

The weight in each set of clip-ins is important.  Without enough hair, you won’t be able to get the style you want.  One thing I hate is that with a lot of clip-ins - you have to buy TWO sets to get enough hair.  


I don’t like having to use two sets of clip-ins, so I designed something different.  With Knappy, you only need one set of clip-ins.  This is because we use 140 grams of hair in each set.  Most other companies only give you 100 grams.


So with Knappy you get 40% more hair to work with, in just one set of clip-ins.  Gold.

4. Maintain Your Clip-Ins With Weft sealer

Having a good weft sealer is critical for long-term maintenance of your hair.  Weft Sealer is an extra layer of glue that you can add to the back of your weft to to lock in the strands of hair a little bit more.  This is great for preventing long-term shedding.


I include weft sealer with every Knappy clip-ins purchase - FREE.  Our weft sealer dries fast, and is designed for our hair.  If you don’t purchase from Knappy, you’ll want to add on some sealer to keep your clip-ins looking beautiful.


So there you go.  4 things you need to know before you get your next set of clip-ins.  If you have any questions you can reach out to me here


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